Welcome to the café!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Web 2.0 cafè!

I imagine you all would like to know what this blog is about, ain’t you? Well, maybe you arent’ and you just clicked one more link and have been warped here, and the only thing you are asking yourself is “What does this one-more-blog-like-all-the-others have to offer?”…

Well, maybe nothing, maybe a lot. It’s up to you.

The idea, as you can read also in the about page, is to offer a place to the Web 2.0 hype enthusiast where everyone can exchange infos, links, news and ideas. By now WordPress.com offers only limited features, we know, but we have much faith in the project, and we are sure there’ll be soon plugin support, multi user posting and much more!

By now the main feature is that it’s aiming to be a goo dplace for information, news and reviewing of any of the cool web apps coming up every day.

So stay tuned, more to come!


P.S: I’m italian, so excuse me for my not-yet-so-perfect english, I promise I’ll enhance it as soon as I can! 

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