A nice point up about Web 2.0 in general and Web2Con

While browsing the web in search of interesting news I found a not-so-recent article by Stephen Bryant on Publish.com: Web 2.0 Is a Call to Action.

It’s really sinthetic but it makes very well the point over what Web 2.0 means and what it’s aiming to. And most of all you can read it in 5 mins instead of the 3 hours needed to get rid of  Tim O’Reilly’s article. Just check it out.

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3 Comments on “A nice point up about Web 2.0 in general and Web2Con”

  1. […] People talk about web 2.0 so much that it produces nothing but irritation. It seems that only a very lazy person hasn’t written about web 2.0 yet! Hundreds of new posts appear every day — hey, people, isn’t there anything else to talk about? Don’t you exagerate the amount of what you call Web 2.0? Well, I understand when members of Web 2.0 Workgroup and other professionals share their ideas or latest news… But why does everybody feel obligated to enrich the world’s experience with his/her priceless thoughts of Web 2.0 eternal importance??? […]

  2. Ruud Orlagh Says:

    and then i came out, mommy move me down sout. Ruud Orlagh.

  3. oh lord my baby your driving me craz. Masood Garfield.

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