About the café

Web 2.0 café is a Weblog aimed at promoting Web 2.0 technologies and websites.

The idea is to create a social place for discussion and posting of interesting links, articles, and more… We will make use of WordPress.com technologies and features by the time they will be enhanced and integrated by the great WordPress staff.

  • Actually we are searching for collaborators to post new links and articles, if you are interested in participating to our blog just contact us!

2 Comments on “About the café”

  1. Jacob Says:

    Apologies. I mistook this for a “Contact” form. If you keep the comment posted could I kindly ask that you remove the phone number and email address?

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Thank you,


  2. Usman Naeem Says:

    I just visited your Blog for the first time, and after reading a slightly old post on Web 2.0, I realised that I can share a little something with you!

    I am currently working for a Startup Company by the name of TimeSvr (pronounced TimeSaver), where we offer Concierge/ Virtual Aisstant Service to busy professionals, in order to efficiently manage their web life through the provision of our unique Web 2.0 Services.

    We are proud to currently cater countless Technology Evangelists in our clientele; TimeSvr is presently assisting a Web 2.0 Consultant at IBM in the execution of the following tasks: Calendar & Contact Management for her Blog, Online Research for her Blog, Proofreading of Articles, Transcription, Data Entry, Reminders, Wakeup Calls; in short, our MBA qualified Virtual Assistants are executing all her business & personal affairs!

    Price? Not a problem. I will more than love to set up a free account for you to personally experience the unique ways in which TimeSvr can help you add a little spice to your Blog. I am sure, we will save you and your readers another 14 hours every week!

    I fervently look forward to hearing back from you.

    If you have any queries, please, write to me!


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