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Microsoft plans to ride Web 2.0 services

November 2, 2005

While surfing the web in search of some interesting news about the upcoming Web 2.0 coolness, I found an interesting post by Michael Arrington on his great Web 2.0 related blog: CrunchNotes (I’ll add it to the links).

Bill Gates announces Windows and Office Live Well, as he posts to his blog directly from the Microsoft Live Event it seems like Microsoft doesn’t want to sit on the corner while Sun and Google are making big plans about the future integration between desktops and web services and is planning to launch a web edition of his Office suite which will integrate seamlessly with their brand new portal service. For who still doesn’t know, is a newer and upgraded version of the service Microsoft is working in from a while, with Firefox support, AJAX implementation and much more… Here are some of the coolest features:

  • AJAX desktop with Drag & Drop functionality and Layout personalization
  • Support for gadgets (that’s cool!) – with just a pair of click you will be able to integrate in your Windows live desktop your favourite web services, like flickr or You can easily imagine how many gadgets ill come out in a really short time.
  • Outlook Express like Mail client functionality: just insert your mail account infos and be ready to centralize on a single web based client all your e-mails…
  • Instant messaging with VOIP support: well, that’s really cool. As far as I know it’ll be the first web based IM service with voice support… Seems like Skype’ll have something to worry about.

A photo of the upcoming Office Live If you want to get a more detailed report of the Microsoft Live Event just check Arrington’s post and, if you like to see Gates in action during the convention here’s the photostream of the event where you can get a nice preview of how Windows and Office Live are going to be.

Ah, one more thing… If you are really nethusiast about and the related services you can find many more informations at the blog.