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Web 2.0 in a single picture

November 9, 2005

Dion Hinchcliffe posted into his Web 2.0 blog an interesting article about Web 2.0 where he tries to give a glance of what it is, and what it’s made of. Check it out!


Google local goes mobile

November 8, 2005

GoogleWell, it looks like Google never stops… Here’s their last product for the mobile universe: Google local.

Anyway, it looks like this time Yahoo won’t stay on the corner and see: in the next months we’ll see many yahoo services become available for mobile.

Who wins? The end users, we hope.


FlickrFS for Linux by Mann

November 8, 2005

Manish Rai Jain deveolped an interesting tool for Linux based upone the FUSE kernel module that allows you to mount your Flickr account and manage you photos and tag.

Check out Mann’s blog for news and Sourceforge to download it

Seems like there’s no limit to the Flickrness spreading around!

Web2con article by NewsForge

November 4, 2005

Ok, I know these days I don’t talk about anything else, but this event rumbled a lot in the Web development underground… Anyway, I found really interesting news item on NewsForge about the Web 2.0 Conference ad how it is related with Open Source software.

A nice point up about Web 2.0 in general and Web2Con

November 4, 2005

While browsing the web in search of interesting news I found a not-so-recent article by Stephen Bryant on Web 2.0 Is a Call to Action.

It’s really sinthetic but it makes very well the point over what Web 2.0 means and what it’s aiming to. And most of all you can read it in 5 mins instead of the 3 hours needed to get rid of  Tim O’Reilly’s article. Just check it out.

Google Reader: a must see.

November 4, 2005

Browsing through the Web 2.0 Conference coverage I found the announce of a Google web service I missed: Google reader.

If you have a Google account you should absolutely try it, it’s a web aggregator for RSS feeds with a really enhanced AJAX implementation.

If you want to stay tuned about this and more upcoming Google services keep on eye on the Google Blog.

Making the point

November 4, 2005

As now, there are plenty of cool emerging Web Services applying the Web 2.0 principles (usabilty, semplicity, user centered), and every day there are more and more emerging with new and innovative features (just ake a look at Remember The Milk!), but what are the top services around at the moment? The ones with thousands of registered users, those the Web 2.o enthusiasts couldn’t live without?

As the Web 2.0 Café blog has just opened (we registered on about a week ago) I think it would be cool to start a series of reviews of the most intereting Web Services around at the moment and of the most interesting upcoming or still in beta services.

These reviews will be divided in two categories:

  • Making the point: Under this title you’ll find reviews of the well known and widespread services
  • What’s coming: This will be the title for the reviews of the most interesting upcoming products

Stay tuned…