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Firefox’s first candle!

November 12, 2005

Happy birthday, Firefox! Woah, our most beloved browser is bigger every days… Release 1.5 is coming, and in the meanwhile Mozilla announced it’s first year of life.

Happy birthday, firefox! 


“Extend Firefox” Competition

November 8, 2005

Seems like the Mozilla Foundation want to bet even more on Firefox and the community supporting it with the constant development of many great extension. The news is they wills tart to pay them for doing so!

Mozilla launched the “Extend Firefox” competition with a lot of interesting prizes: Desktop PCs, iPod nanos, O’Reilly books, Gadgets and more.

This is also a good way to promote the upcoming Firefox 1.5 and encourage developers to make or update their extension compatibility with the new release of this great browser. 

Check out the official announcement for the details!

Web2con article by NewsForge

November 4, 2005

Ok, I know these days I don’t talk about anything else, but this event rumbled a lot in the Web development underground… Anyway, I found really interesting news item on NewsForge about the Web 2.0 Conference ad how it is related with Open Source software.

Making the point

November 4, 2005

As now, there are plenty of cool emerging Web Services applying the Web 2.0 principles (usabilty, semplicity, user centered), and every day there are more and more emerging with new and innovative features (just ake a look at Remember The Milk!), but what are the top services around at the moment? The ones with thousands of registered users, those the Web 2.o enthusiasts couldn’t live without?

As the Web 2.0 Café blog has just opened (we registered on about a week ago) I think it would be cool to start a series of reviews of the most intereting Web Services around at the moment and of the most interesting upcoming or still in beta services.

These reviews will be divided in two categories:

  • Making the point: Under this title you’ll find reviews of the well known and widespread services
  • What’s coming: This will be the title for the reviews of the most interesting upcoming products

Stay tuned…

Nokia embraces Open Source

November 4, 2005

Nokia just launched their new website dedicated to development of open source technologies to use with their products.

Of particular interest Sofia-SIP, a library based on the SIP open source protocol used for many VOIP applications…

Tim O’Reilly on Microsoft Live Event

November 4, 2005

Also Tim O’Reilly published a nice report of the upcoming Microsoft Live, where he states that “…Microsoft is fully engaged with the right problemss, and we’ll be hearing a lot more from them…”.

It really seems like he’s right, but only time will show us.

Scobleizer goes deep with Microsoft web services

November 4, 2005

If you are interested in Microsoft approach to Web 2.0 and their upcoming services just check out one of the most active and interesting’s Blogs: Scobleizer.

This is maintained by Robert Scoble, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist with a good eye on blogging and the way future services should be.

Actually, his blog is #1 on the’s most active blogs list.